Notice of Intention to Marry

A Notice of Intention to Marry is provided by/returned to me between 1-18 calendar months before the wedding (you must be over 18 … if under 18, contact me for legalities). If in Australia, contact me for availability, download the Notice from this site and have your signatures witnessed by me, a JP, doctor, solicitor, or member of the police force, and post to me. Email me first for overseas enquiries, there are different signatories required for witnessing the Notice.

What are the fees and when are they paid?

Contact me for a written quote. When you make a booking, a $150 deposit is payable, the balance being due prior to your marriage. Pay by bank transfer, cash, cheque or money order.

What must you provide:

  • Both birth certificates plus photo ID, else passports
  • If divorced, divorce certificates
  • If widowed, your late spouse’s death certificate
    Please note originals are required, not photocopies. I return all documents immediately.

Can we meet you and other celebrants before choosing the one who best suits us?

Yes, I am happy to meet you on weekdays or weekends for a no obligation meeting.

Do I have a choice of ceremony and can I write my own vows?

Yes. All clients also receive a wedding pack and guidelines on how to create a unique and personal ceremony reflecting their relationship, values and who they are. You can choose a pre-written ceremony, mix and match sections from various ceremonies, write one yourself, or I’ll help you write it.

How long does it all take?

The length is your choice, it depends on the service and readings you choose, it can be 5 or up to 45 minutes. On average, allow 30 minutes all up.

Do we have to remember any words?

No, most couples choose to repeat a few words at a time after me. However, if you prefer, you could use palm cards, as memorising is difficult.

We don’t like speaking in public/we don’t want to say much/we don’t want to have a microphone. OK?

Many couples feel the same, I can limit the words you say to the necessities, and as a matter of course I do not place a microphone near couples unless they request it.

What time do I put on the invitations?

Have your invitations printed with a starting time 15 minutes before the time you have booked with me. This allows the bride to arrive “late” whilst not holding up the reception/photographs.

Signing of the register?

Signed immediately at ceremony end, two witnesses over 18 are required. After the signing, I present the marriage certificate and leave shortly after, not attending the reception.

Must we see the celebrant beforehand?

The majority of the paperwork and contact can be via mail/email/phone, however both parties need to sign declarations in my presence before the wedding. If we cannot meet beforehand, you can sign them before the ceremony on your wedding day.

Will the celebrant be able to be heard by every guest?

Yes, I have a portable PA system if needed.

What does the celebrant wear?

Usually semi-formal, but I can dress to suit you.

More FAQs are provided in your wedding pack. Please contact me for a free, no obligation meeting or quotation.