Your Wedding Ceremony

Beautiful words representing even more beautiful intentions … the thoughts and words expressed in your vows should mean something special to you.

Every ceremony is custom tailored to suit individual couples, I try and get an idea of what you have in mind, what you wish to convey to each other and to your guests, who you wish to include or acknowledge, learn a little about you and your values/relationship, ascertain if you are looking for simplicity/something different/meaningful … and then provide suggestions and a selection of vows, ceremonies and optional words. You have plenty of time to choose every single word, your ceremony is as short or as long as you choose.

The usual comment I receive from guests after weddings is “the ceremony was so them”, the usual comment I receive from the couple is “you made it all so easy”. Alternately, it can be quick and easy, apart from a few minutes of legalities, it can be extremely short and simple. I could send you simple laid-back ceremonies.

Preparing the wording

In essence, I can help you write a wedding ceremony and vows reflecting your relationship, values, aspirations and who you are.

Or you can simply choose one of 15 pre-written ceremonies: meaningful, relaxed, contemporary, romantic, simple, short, elegant, spiritual, inspirational, aspirational, philosophical.

  • You can mix and match selections from each
  • You can write your own ceremony

Ways to include children in the ceremony

Children do not have to be just flowergirls, pageboys or ring bearers, there are numerous ways to involve both biological, non-biological, small and adult children in your ceremony.

Children can simply be mentioned by name, do readings, or they can participate in various mini-ceremonies, procedures, rituals, etc.

I have pages of suggestions, special wording, etc.

Eloping or wanting a small wedding

We can arrange everything at short notice (one month minimum), and by email/mail. I will send you the legalities and procedure, what you need to provide, how to get it, etc.

Contact me for “elopement or small wedding friendly” Hunter Valley venues, accommodation and other wedding suppliers (hairdressers, photographers, etc.).

Please visit the Eloping in the Hunter Valley page for more details and stories.

From overseas but want to marry in the Hunter Valley?

Email me, I will advise on the legalities and procedure (quite simple) and send a written quote. We can arrange it all by email/mail and meet when you arrive in Australia.

If you are unsure where to marry in the Hunter Valley, email me for venue, reception and accommodation suggestions. I can also recommend hairdressers, photographers and other reliable wedding suppliers if required.

When I receive the Notice, I email you sample ceremonies, optional words/readings, etc., as mentioned above.

Renewal of Vows Ceremonies

I celebrate numerous renewals each year, some are very similar to weddings, with beautiful gowns, attendants, friends reading poems, guests from overseas, flowers, music and rings! Whilst the couple are legally married already, for some this ceremony is the true joining of their hearts. Couples often want to just reaffirm their commitment to each other or celebrate an anniversary … sometimes this involves just the couple on a private weekend away.

Many renewals are held because the couple’s family and friends did not attend their original ceremony, others because their original marriage was disappointing, or was simply a legal procedure.

I provide a renewal of vows pack with a choice of ceremonies, similar to the wedding pack, you can choose virtually every single word.

Commitment Ceremonies

These ceremonies are social, ie, non legally binding, where two people commit to each other. Usually commitment ceremonies involve two people of the same gender, but sometimes it is a man and a woman.

Commitment ceremonies can be similar to wedding ceremonies, with great venues, receptions, photographers, etc. A commitment ceremony pack is available with a wide range of ceremonies and options.

What is included in my celebrant fee?

I provide a Wedding Pack customised for each couple, which can include:

  • guidelines on how to write your own vows/ceremony
  • additional FAQ’s relating to the ceremony, protocols and traditions
  • numerous alternative vows
  • suggestions for different ways of doing things
  • contemporary alternatives for old traditions
  • ways to include or acknowledge your close family members apart from mere words
  • how to include guest participation in your ceremony
  • suggestions, paragraphs and readings on how to incorporate fun and humour in the ceremony
  • different ideas such as ring warmings, the giving of roses, candle and sand ceremonies
  • ideas on involving children
  • acknowledging guests who travelled distances, remembering loved ones now deceased
  • optional sections acknowledging your different cultures/nationality
  • wedding tips, do’s and dont’s.

When you have chosen your ceremony

I will advise you if there are recommended procedures or common risks at your venue, or potential problems with your ceremony … and how best to manage them.

You will receive

  • A guaranteed legal marriage ceremony
  • Unlimited personal interviews and phone/email consultations
  • All legal documentation and registration of your marriage
  • A presentation copy of your marriage ceremony if requested
  • Letters for passports/visas, etc.
  • Celebrant’s use of a personal PA system.